Postdoctoral Fellow Position Available (Sep-2019)

Lab & Project Description: We study the relationship between stress, aging and age-associated pathologies. We use a variety of tools, including animal models such as mouse and Drosophila, in vitro systems such as cell culture and enzymatic assays, and bioinformatic tools for analyzing transcriptome-level information. We specifically focus on tissues that demand high energy expenditure, such as liver, muscle and heart. The successful applicant is expected to design and perform research and regularly interact with me and other researchers in the Department of Molecular & Integrative Physiology and the Institute of Gerontology of the University of Michigan.

There are currently three projects in the lab: The first project is to characterize the role of Sestrins in aging-related physiological contexts. The second project is to identify and characterize novel components involved in autophagy-mediated protection of aging and age-associated diseases. The last project is to understand stress-induced changes of the mRNA transcriptome at subcellular and single cell resolution. Within the context of these lab projects, trainees are encouraged to independently pursue what they are interested in and familiar with.

Required Qualifications: In addition to a Ph.D., the candidate should have an extensive experience in molecular, genetic, biochemical, cell biological, physiological and/or bioinformatic techniques. A record of publications commensurate with the level of training will be also expected. The applicant should have been fully dedicated to biomedical research and have a strong desire to make a major contribution in the field of aging biology. We expect that, after 3-5 years of training, the postdoctoral trainee will be highly successful with multiple publications and secure a permanent position in academia, industry or the government. Promoting trainee career development and success is one of the top priorities of our group. Salary and benefits will be commensurate with the candidate's experience and accomplishments.

Please submit a cover letter and CV with the name of three references to jhlee.office@gmail.com.